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  1. Okay Punksender dudes, I’m sending you a donation. I think I found an address that works for you guys. Your music kicks ass; and the spirit of all things punk must live on and thrive! It’s been a long time since I had really heard punk treated in any serious fashion!

  2. Well…it’s a shame that your site is down! Hopefully you’ll be able to fix your gear, and get the tunes cranking again soon. 3 weeks seems pretty lengthy for technical crap; but heck…I don’t have to work on it…don’t come crying to me!… Hopefully this site won’t turn into a Brittany Spears unicorn riding sissified geek transmission system. No excuses Punksender! Get it together dudes, this deafening silence sucks!

    • Hello Gunner, we try our best, but having this new whiskey seems to slow us down. Dont be afraid, that we just took your money and ran off. We will be back pretty soon. Hopefully.

      • No problem dudes, I see you found that roll of electrical tape during your last drinking binge. Glad the lunch money helped out with all your bad habits. Wish I was there to help you drink that Ocktoberfest beer…I’d write more; but apparently I fell into a cask of Bourbon last night and had to drink my way out. Apparently a few of my brain cells are angry about the the situation; I am attempting to kill the little bastards with high decibel punk music. Mosh on!

        • Sorry Punksender but Weezer doesn’t possess the supernatural punk powers to kill my one remaining braincell. I thought perhaps I’d utilize this comment section to ask for dating advice. You see…trying to be a gentleman in the trust sense of the word is difficult. I met a chick last night… She was hot…very hot…I tried to maintain eye contact; but…well, I couldn’t help staring at her tits. This happens frequently. Any suggestions Punksender? I almost feel guilty over these primal instincts.

          • ok, dating advice. When ever you see a girl you have to go immediately to her. Tell her how great her tits look, but instead of the word tits you use the words „your smile“ or „your eyes“.

            If you are not able to manage this, cause she is telling you that her face is not at the place, where you are looking at, then throw a beer over her breasts and then, as a gentleman, you try to lick them clean.

            To tell you more, we need more informations, so send some pictures of the girls in.

  3. The Prostitutes ‚hangover‘ seems to have done the trick, I suddenly feel the urge to drink heavily again. Thanks for keeping us healthy Punksender; you’re the best!

  4. So….why does your site get no stars as a rating? How can I vote to get you at least one star? Does anyone pay attention to these stars anyway? Is it cooler to have no stars at all? Are the stars counted and averaged? Is there a star committee? Where did I put my drink?

  5. Okay, here’s the deal. I first found your app on the Rad.io app. On the Rad.io app, Punksender has no stars. I am currently texting you through that app. Out of curiosity I went ahead and downloaded your self-standing Punksender app off the I store. Thanks for not making the app requirements for iOS only a 5. Apps that require higher iOS versions simply won’t work on older phones. Look, the only problem with the self-standing app is that the comments block keeps re-booting the page as you try to type. The app itself is much better than the one I downloaded through Rad.io…better graphics etc. Unfortunately, I had to switch back to the Rad.io app to write this. Better get that roll of electrical tape and bottle of booze back out, and take a look at that one day. Just thought I’d let you know about that technical issue. I’ll try to get you some stars for your rating; they don’t make it easy.

    • Ahhh, now you got us. You see, normaly we dont want anyone to write us, so we started to piss people off. Maybe we change that after the oktoberfest. first we have to see a lot of
      Blouses with plunging neckline.

  6. Dear Punksender, I am grateful for the wonderful dating advice. Sorry I was slow at responding. I tried the beer trick; but she seemed more surprised than turned on by the licking. Her boyfriend seemed even more surprised than her. I don’t care what the other customers think about my dating habits…there were some harsh words thrown around, some moshing I think…The rest is somewhat blurry as far as that goes; but I think it may have been successful. Do you think she’ll consider that a first date? I think I did a fair job keeping eye contact during the licking.

    • always keep the eye contact..
      if she has a boyfriend you have first to become friends with him ..give him a beer after you have spit in it, make sure he watches you. So you prove that you are more punk than he is.

  7. Good news, things are working out well with previously stated chickie; she likes buttery nipples. I dropped the ‚Ace of Spades‘ from Motörhead on her…Damn I miss that Lemmy! Now I think she want to give me her panties; but her mom was present. I got her daughter drunk and naughty; tipped her 10 bucks; and I fully intend to give her the schlong. Can I be any more of a Gentleman than that?

    • well, for instance you could have given the mother 20 Bucks for a lapdance? Dont be so
      stingy. Give her the feeling that her daughter is in good hands with you. Maybe you show her that you are godd at kissing and put your tongue deep down her throat?
      By the way, where are the pictures you wanted to send in?

  8. Okay Punksender, I’ve heard a lot of strange things issue forth from the mouth of hot babes; however…what the hell does it mean when they tell you that they have two Porsches, out of the blue? Does it mean that she already has a sugar daddy, and I don’t have enough money to persuade her out of her clothing? I wish the comment was that she needed help driving them. My theory is that her boyfriend owns these cars; and as a benefit she has access to them. I only want to give her the ol‘ hot beef injection, and test drive her; not the cars really. Although that would be nice. Please advise.

    • 1. every hot babe has already a suggar daddy or at least she could have one. Who cares?

      2. You should ask her if she needs help driving them, not us.

      3. She is totally interested in you and she is already trying to qualify to your jetset_lifestyle. You dont have one? Does not matter, cause she is already believing in it, so impressed is she from you. Yes, you! So you should have said something like: And i bet all you really want to do, is lying nude on my bed and scream my name with passion in totally exstacy in the air….for at least three times?

  9. Waking up to Punksender is awesome! I thought I was at a Sepultura concert for a moment; but no…it was a hardcore punk band thrashing and growling in such respectable fashion. I think I’ll wear boots today!

  10. Sorry, but I got lost in a strange land of chrome and neon, casinos and free booze. I made it out however; and therefore I guess it would seem natural to resume pursuing that sweet piece of ass previously mentioned Punksender. The situation was at last check, dynamic in nature. I can’t seem to get myself to swap spit with the mom as you suggested; however… I’ve noticed that if you squint your eyes when looking at the mom; the way Clint Eastwood used to do in those Dirty Harry movies, the mom appears to have decent tits. Since I discovered this, I’ve increased her tips to avoid seeming stingy as you suggested. Now the mom gives me free beer sometimes, and seems nicer. The previously mentioned daughter now sings me songs, sits closer and joins me eating appetizers while dining… Things are indeed strange and encouraging; but…I must admit being somewhat uncomfortable with this prolonged process. I let her know how I felt, by telling her if she was my girlfriend I would dress her like a Victoria’s Secret model… She seemed to search my face, to see if I was joking. I consulted a friend on the matter… Here’s what he said. „You know how guys get a little crazy, when they start getting a bit of pussy? That’s why women are crazy, they have to live with the pussy 24 hours a day!“ Well the sage wisdom seems correct, but why can’t she be more sharing about the whole situation? Nobody will care if it all goes rotten on the vine. Any constructive advice is always appreciated Punksender… Mosh On!

    • Advice 1: Why are you telling her that you would dress her like … whatever?
      You have to tell her, that you wanna undress her! Sometimes less is more. More 77-Punk-Style please.
      Advice 2: Or even better dont TELL her how you feel, SHOW her how you feel by kissing her. Try it with a harmless kiss on her cheek, than she has to kiss your cheek and in the last moment you turn your head and KISS. You can also try this with your buttocks instead of your cheek, but you do not seem to be Punkrock enough for this Pro-Move.
      Advice 3: You have to make her going out with you to a another place without her mother. Maybe swimming? Hopefully you can tell us than more about her tits.That´s more Skinhead-Style.
      Advice 4: You should try to do the same with her mother without her. THIS i would call Hardcore Punk.
      By the way, your friend seems right, but …
      Advice 5: … this wont bring you any further. Women are crazy, guys are horny…so you will return to her. And next time you will do it hopefully right!
      Advice 6: i read about “ daughter now sings me songs, sits closer and joins me eating appetizers while dining“, but i dont read „she was totally drunk“ ! This could speed things up a little.

  11. Punksender dudes… This comment block and I have major battles! Anyway, I was going to share new and irrelevant things with you, but…now I’m just upset and have been driven back to drinking again.

    • Hello Gunner,so you are back to drinking again? Seems that everything is going well for you. Guess you still miss 7 bucks for buying more to drink? Sorry Bro, already given your donation away for paying roaylties. Thanks, Gunner. You help keeping this project, playing punkrock music for free, up running. Every cent counts, more money means more songs, more fun, more PUNK! Punksender wants to say „Thank you!“ for your kind support.

  12. Usually I like the idea of non-commercialism; the concept that some are able to resist monetary reward…not selling out to the man…etc. Does that make me bad for wanting a t-shirt with the Punksender logo on it? Maybe a sticker for my bumper or skateboard? Would it be so terrible if Punksender grew as large as Pandora? Pandora doesn’t sell t-shirts…Wal-mart sells t-shirts. Did I mention that Wal-Mart is open 24/7? Yup, you Punksender dudes are doing a good job out there…I may have to send the staff a little Christmas present. Keep up the good work, and I’ll include some electrical tape, and maybe a guitar pick. Gotta go for now, time to get boozed up and try to fuck a unicorn.

    • Of course you have to send us something nice for christmas. And then a month later again, cause it will be a new year, and in february again, cause it will be cold and so on and on and on…
      Just like we will play all the time some lovely punkrock- tunes, Trash, a vast variety of HardcorePunk, D-Beat, Ska-Punk and simply Punkbands from all over the world.
      Dont drink too much, because sometimes you look for an unicorn and all you drunken bastard can find is another man as horny as you. Better keep watching out for a girl.

  13. I was recently reviewing some of your previous dating suggestions, and I found something that may prove helpful. You pointed out that I need to tell this girl that I want to get her out of her clothes. The problem is that I’m rather shy at times; and don’t want to mess things up. Taking this into account, I figured the best thing to do is practice your technique on as many women as possible. Therefore I’m making a concerted effort to tell as many women as possible that I want to get them naked. Typical responses vary wildly to say the least. They range from facial slapping to ass groping, to being given articles of clothing, to being cursed out rudely. All this practice should be helping, but the unpredictable nature of women seems to make things frightening.

    • Yeah, keep on trying. You already do get some positive responses. Sometimes you must show more persistence. After becoming a facial slapping you could point on your ass and tell the lady that you want being „slapped right there, mistress“. You see, the sexual interaction was in close reach.
      If these S/M-Things are not your cup of tea, you better say something like: „Come on, admit it, you wanna see me naked too. But dont undress, until she confirms that she wants it. Maybe you should discuss this point with your legal counselour. From an european point of view people in the US are sometimes strangely prudish. These intercultural differences must always been seen. I suggest that you keep on your practice, you will get better in making some connection to the nature of women. Well as far as a man is able to do so.
      And now another one of our precious Punkdating advices: Dont forget to stay in contact with your female main target.

  14. After reviewing your advice, it seems there may be something to this whole notion of appropriate timing. The S&M thing is rather intimidating; as per the previously mentioned pro-77 punk move… Admittedly, that sounds like a beauty to behold when properly executed!

    • Yeah, sometimes it is all a question of good timing. I suggest you should train your feeling for correct timing while listening to some good old D-Beat.
      For example here or while listening to some real cool Punk Rock song on your favorite Punk Radio Punksender. You should also look at the covers which we always show, while playing a song. Or read the Lyrics of the played songs, which we also show. Maybe this helps you not to be intimidated so easily. Maybe you can get some spritual insight and find the rights words for your lady. By the way, did you checked your E-Mail and recieved our digital Punk Supporter ribbon?

  15. Well, I don’t have a traditional computer anymore actually. Something tells me the tech scene may be moving towards smaller more portable devices…I seem to be able to type easier using my android tablet, but getting the message to send is the trick

    • Oh come on…smaller more portable devices? dont believe this media-hype. It will be just like this whole Internet thing. Just a phase. Punkrock will stay! Forget about the rest.

  16. Hey! That last one flew nicely! Okay…so the site seems to like the android better for some unknown reason. One problem here is that the site fails to lift the comment block as one types, so for instance… If I keep typing in this mannernow I can no longer see anything I’m typing and I cannot raise the comment block to make it better…I’m typing inthe blind now…

  17. I find that being old school these days, is a sign of intelligence actually. Still, I’m sending an extra roll of electrical tape for Christmas. One good thing though…it takes effort to send a message, so that means less junk mail.

  18. Yeah, it works okay with the tablet…the issue seems to be wordpress. The traditional pc is probably rather obsolete these days. Remember boom boxes? They seemed rather silly when the walkman came around.

    • Boomboxes were the beginning of sharing music in parks and on city streets. Now you will do this with our Punksener Phone App by playing it real loud.

      Dont play Punksender silent just for your own with headphones like you did with a walkman. Share the music, so you can annoy your neighbours. Get in discussions with them. How will we reach worldpeace, if people dont talk with each other? Maybe they donate you some beer, just for the reason that you stop playing these disgraceful punkrock tunes. HMMMM, beeeeeeer. Gotta go, cause now i am thirsty.

  19. I see you are busy working on the site. Look, I appreciate that sincerely and hope any criticisms that I’ve made are perceived as constructive. One more comment…. I’ve noticed that when the app kicks me out of the comments block, it usually occurs during buffering. The cursor will be in the typing block, but when the buffering icon pops up again, you must repeat the whole process. I can only convey what I observe, but hopefully the end result is a better site. I don’t always close my eyes while kissing; sometimes I use this time to visualize the locking mechanism on the bra. Sometimes they fasten in the back, sometimes the front; one can rarely tell at a mere glance. Anything I can do to liberate a woman’s breasts from one of these torture devices, is a genuine accomplishment. It never occurred to me that I could get free beer with a boom box actually. I owned a big 20 pound bastard that required about 10 D-cell batteries. After about 1 hour at full volume, it needed more batteries. But during that wonderful hour of sharing my music with the world, I often thought I was making a contribution to world peace. Too bad empty beer bottles can’t be used as batteries.

    • ok, we are not working on this site at all. We are in general not working thaaaat much and feel very comfortable this way.Punkrock rules, not working.
      You should have used 10 more batteries. only this way you get some booze. You REALLY have to annoy people, they dont give away beer for nothing.

  20. Hey punksender dudes, I was just checking out some of your facebook stuff. Cool site you have going there as well! I see what you mean when you said people in the U.S. are prudish; obviously the censorship by facebook sucks.

  21. It’s rather true that people in the U.S. tend to be more reserved. In actuality relatively few of us are world travelers, and therefore they are often unexposed to different cultures and mindsets.

  22. Ultimately, exposure to different cultures would go a long way to cure unwarranted xenophobia. Amazingly, I’ve met people that have never travelled out of the state they were born in.

  23. Ha!!! Well just for that; I’m moving Zuckerberg, and his whole damned staff to the C-list next time I throw a party…In fact they are not invited at all, until they change their ways! Who needs Facebook anyway? Youtube is muchbetter!

  24. Ha!!! Well, thats it! I’m taking Zuckerberg and his whole damned crew off my party list! What a bunch of bigotted assholes! In fact I’m boycotting Facebook all together; and removing them from my stock portfolio until they apologize and make full restitution for such slander!

  25. It’s amazing how nerdy Zuckerberg became…I thought there was some hope when he started sporting a hoodie, but the booger-picker has back-slid to golfing clothes. I don’t miss Steve Jobs either. Just a fact.

    • Now you get it! And sometimes you will not get a free beer, but a slap in your face. But with the right mindsetting you could see this as a sexual interaction.

      Please do repeat Punk-dating-Advice from 18.11.2016 at 11:01 am for more information on this subject. Cheerrs and beers- your Punksender PunkRadio

  26. Oh yeah, the 18/11 advice…yes, that was very helpful Punksender dudes. You’ve certainly expanded my understanding on some of these difficult concepts. Would it be appropriate to request a song here? Although not strictly punk; it would be cool to hear Devo’s ‚through being cool‘.

  27. Well, I’ve been putting the word out about your site. Actually helped someone download your app last night between shots. Also saw a dude with a Misfits t-shirt on, but he admitted that he was just a poser. I was thinking if we could convince the stripper community that punk is their best source of dance music, it could prove to be a win-win situation. I had this epiphany while checking out some pretty nice tits, so you can be sure the inspiration was pure at it’s source.

    • yeah, always spreading the Punk message.I am quite convinced that most strippers do know that punkrock is the best music to dance and swing some tits to. The problem is all that silicone tits dont swing anymore, so they have to twerk their asses. But Punk Rock is no music for asses. So there is not much Punkrock going on in the stripper clubs. And dont forget, that it is a very rude and chauvinistic-macho-pig behaviour to reduce a woman just to her body. Yeah, PUNKSENDER, always political correct – Simple a radio station for the sensitive woman in each one of us.

  28. Hey Punksender dudes, perhaps you can answer this long-nagging question. What the hell is faushing/fausching? I recall something dealing with neckties.

  29. I failed to recall the September 21st comment, where you stated that your recently obtained whiskey might actually be slowing you down. It was here that I realized that you preferred whiskey over bourbon. As a small scale philanthropist; these things are important to me! Knowing this small detail, could improve your chances of receiving a Christmas gift; that won’t just sit around on a shelf or in a cupboard. Are you excited yet? We’ll see.

    • ok, to make a long story short. We are not really proud upon it, but what the heck.The truth is: We prefer booze, no matter what kind. Whiskey, wodka, ouzo, Tequila, wine, beer or some VickVaporub. We drink what ever we can get our hands on.
      Attention Kids: Alcohol is not good for you!

  30. I see that your app has indeed been updated. It may force me to upgrade my phone. Yes, it’s an old piece of shit; but the apple istore now basically says it’s obsolete. The problem is that the new iphones catch on fire.

  31. Twerking…You just had to go there; didn’t you? I commented about this, but I’m not sure it made it through. I’d like to see this twerking action in slow motion!

  32. Doctors tend to agree that a glass of red wine with dinner is excellent for your health, so you should be pretty proud that you are consuming so much good „medicine“… In fact, I think your true fans will see the value of keeping you healthy and send you some more!

    • we are drunk and we are proud!
      cause we make punk rock drunk again!
      we are still thirsty and loud!
      cause we make punkrock drunk again!
      we dont have not one single true fan!
      and still we make punk hardcore drunk again!
      …. Yo Gunner, we gave you the lyrics now go and make a Punk song

  33. Yes, it’s at these moments regarding such hot-button topics such as chauvenism and fake tits, that we must use discretion and deferr to the wisdom provided by female punkers such as Pussy Riot; and perhaps the Donnas.

  34. Double-wide asses aren’t really my thing. If women were cars, I’d be interested in the Ferrari. No mopeds, busses or dump trucks for me. Anything that sweats gravy, or you can’t wrap your arms around due to girth is outside my comfort zone. Now; colloquially speaking, it is currently cool in certain societal sectors to say things like: „make it clap for me“ which implies a request for a maneuver, which causes a woman’s ass cheeks to slap each other. Likely this can be Googled if you are unfamiliar with this stripper move. Petite women would not fare well in an ass clapping contest.

  35. Well, I think I have just about everything for your Christmas gift now. Maybe I’ll get that mailed out tomarrow, or early next week; who can say? One does what one can. I hope the Punksender staff has been practicing some Christmas Carols; because I’ve been looking forward to that. Nothing says Christmas like Punksender!

    • Hello Gunner, yes we do like christmas gifts, because we do like nearly everything as long es we get it for free. But there will be no christmas songs, no pogo around the x-mas tree, no waiting for the punkkid or selfwritten eggnog songs or what ever.
      No bullshit – just Punkrock!

  36. Yeah, free stuff is pretty awesome. I agree with your general disdain for Christmas songs; they become pretty nauseating fairly quickly, and could perhaps be fatal in large doses. Still getting hammered on eggnog and doing the pogo around the tannenbaum might be fun.

  37. The holiday season would be pretty crappy without all the lights and stuff. Also Santa gives free stuff and wears Doc Martins. But it’s the reindeer that fly at warp factor 9, that amazes me most.

    • Yeah, as always. Nobody is talking about those who really do the work!! Seems you will be become a vegan very soon, Gunner. So, from now on, you have to gun down somwe girls right now. What are the news about your HOT-PUnk -Babe?

  38. After some consideration, perhaps you should celebate Kwanzaa; which was first celebrated in 1966. Or perhaps you can start your own punk rocker’s holiday? Happy Birthday Jesus!

  39. Well, vegetables are okay, but I’m more the carnivorous sort myself. I felt the same way as you about the matter; it reminds me of „the watched pot never boils“. So increasing my odds with more potential chickies, is the only logical thing to do at the moment.

  40. Perhaps I’ve been too nice, anyway…some distance from chasing the same piece of ass feels good at the moment. There is no real logical approach to women; even simple matters seem illogically complex. The days of sport fucking seem to have gone underground.

    • ok, so we need to build more free sportfucking places. That is an idea for the new year. Maybe Mr. Trump will do it. Or we have to do it all by ourselves.

  41. I’m not a big social networking type of person myself; I prefer meeting chicks face to face. This is probably my old school mentality; obviously there are people hooking up online all the time, to satisfy their carnal needs and desires.

  42. I got the special Punksender Christmas mystery box mailed off today; so with good luck it should arrive before Christmas. No worries though, it is headed your way! Thanks for the daily fix of awesome punk music, since I first found punksender!

    • OK, now we are sitting here, waiting, hoping, praying. Tension is going up.. My brother once used the word Mistery box. Was just an old, used condom and a picture of his girlfriend.

  43. To any other regular listeners, or readers of our intellectual correspondence; I encourage you to flip these awesome dudes…and dudettes a few bucks for beer if it is within your means. I hope the Punksender staff and volunteers all have awesome holiday celebrations! Mosh on!

  44. Bad experiences with boxes during childhood? No worries, this mystery box should help you kick those bad experiences to the curb. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the contents thereof, but some people can be difficult to shop for.

    • Yes, really bad experiences. Fear is sitting deep in our brain cells, the odour of this rotten condom can still be smelled. Ok, his girlfriend was rather pretty, so the picture had some nice effects.
      So, you say, that we will pleasently suprised, overwhelmed by your generosity and led to a new understanding of the capabilty of this worldwide connection between punk rock music fans?
      That we made a step closer to world peace by sharing the good vibes of Punkrock and Hardcore Punk? GREAT! Every single person can make a difference and YOU, Mr. Gunner already decided to go the first step.Thank You, Gunner, you already made the day a little brighter and happier.

  45. Chickie hasn’t been forgotten, she just has too much personal crap going on. These matters can’t be one sided; so we’ll see what happens as time progresses. There are easier targets around, with a more giving disposition.

    • Hello Gunner, good to hear that you are still open minded enough to see the oppurtunities around you. And yes, in most cases a woman is able to solve her personal problems without male guidance. As long as she is not asking for help, you should step aside. This will be a perfectly example for DIY. So, i guess you have to wait until she is ready for a romantical time with you.
      Until then you should look after her sometimes, give her a smile, give her a hug and dont expect anything. This means no ass clapping, no staring at her tits, no tongue-exploration of her mouth. No reason to cry, cause you could do all this with her mom, right?. You remember our Skinhead-style dating advice, dont you?

  46. We have Kentucky Fried Chicken here; perhaps you’ve heard of it? Anyway…after you’ve licked all the butter off the biscuits, had the breasts legs and thighs; all you’re left with is a greasy box. Lol…

    • yes, we heard of this company. They are also in germany. Just like Coca Cola, the US Army, Alternative Tentacles Records, Maximum RockNRoll or a lots of US Punk Bands while touring good old europe.So „mistery box“ and „greasy box“ is more or less the same?? HMMMM, not quite sure anymore about that „you will pleasently suprised“ feeling.

  47. No, the mystery box and the greasy box are completely different. The mystery box in question contains nothing which might be any cause for concern; or prove to be a catylist for deep seated psychological trauma. The mystery box is simply a thank you, given in the spirit of good international relations.

  48. Perhaps you’ve seen the movie ‚Dune‘ where the Duke’s young son must put his hand into the box? The Punksender mystery box is nothing like that. It may contain smells; but everything has a scent doesn’t it?

  49. Also, the Punksender mystery box would have no logical reason for being greasy. If you are apprehensive about thrusting your hand into the box, I suggest you carefully open it; and dump the contents lightly onto the floor, where you can marvel at it’s contents.

  50. I swear; you guys act like you’ve never recieved a present before! Lol… well, no worries; I didn’t forget the tape I promised I would send. Does electrical tape have a smell? I think so, but not a repugnant smell.

  51. Sorry, but I didn’t immediately catch your joke about ‚Bad Brains‘. Obviously, the amount of persons of color that have been hugely successful in the punk music genre would be small in number.

    • Yes, and some punks should ask themselves: Why? Sure, later most young black guys were more into rap, but if you think about ICE-T for example, turning form a rap act to Bodycount. This was the right move, if you start to tihnk about it.

  52. I’ve been kind of studying the history of punkrock to try and better educate myself. Much of this stuff just wasn’t available at music stores back in the day; furthermore the music stores had far less music catagories.

    • Now you have Punksender – Your favorite PunkRadio. We are playing cool punkrock tunes from all over the world, we show the cover of the record, we provide links to the homepage of the band or other sites with informations in the internet, becoming somehow a whole library. Gunner, you can sit back and relax, everything is done for you.
      – End of shameless Punksender Punkrock Radio advertisment transmission.

  53. I was wondering if you have made many contributions to wikipedia about the history of punk? There is a whole back story surrounding Andy Warhol, Velvet Revolver and that whole New York early punk movement that doesn’t typically get covered.

    • NO, not many. Wikipedia germany does not like us. Personally i do believe that artists like for e.g. Wayne County did have much more effect on the first punkartists from New York we all do know. But it seems that they still dont admit it.

  54. Well, Punksender has been extremely helpful in broadening my understanding of the punk movement and associated subcultures. Of course they say hindsight is 20/20, but it’s funny how one can be in the midst of something; and not realize the significance until after the fact. For instance those that participated at Woodstock, really could have had no idea that the venue would kind of help define a generation.

    • You have no idea how often we do hear that. Maybe we should do a new jingle with that line:“Caution! Listening to Punksender may lead to an understanding of the punk movement and associated subcultures.Dont ruin your life.“ What do you think about that?

  55. It’s funny how I get kicked out of the comments block when I type anything that might be politically sensitive; like telling people to think for themselves!

  56. I guess they just want everyone to quietly go about the daily routine without raising any ruckus. If we would all just be good little sheeple, and stop questioning everything; the governments of the world will give us control and order. For the small price of just a little more liberty, they will make us all feel safe again! Geez.

  57. Do you remember when the middle class in the United States bailed out the international banking industry to avoid a financial meltdown? Do you remember the billions and billions of dollars that were stolen by the big money tycoons? Did you see them pop open their golden parachutes and float away? Who went to prison? Who? Martha Stewart, the woman with the television cooking show; that’s who. Because she had $50,000 invested in the stock market, and someone tipped her off about the impending financial collapse; so she sold her stock. She made the perfect scapegoat for the distraction needed for the Wall Street boys to escape. That’s the making for a punk song! Do you like it?

  58. When politics fail, somebodys child must be fed into the meat-grinder right? The politicians send their own children to fight? No, yours will do nicely. Feed the Beast!

  59. There’s a guy; I think he goes by Sugarman or something like that, he recorded an album that was hugely successful. It was in a Hispanic country I believe; anyway he got screwed on the royalties for years, without ever even knowing the album had become a huge national hit. When asked how he felt about the treatment he had recieves, he said; „Hate is too strong an emotion to waste on people you don’t like.“ Perhaps the hate mail is just their way of blowing you…a kiss.

    • Hmmmm….and whenever we shout loud “ FUCK YOU!“ it is just our way to hug other people, right?
      Musicians got always screwed by big business industry, simply because it is just big business to the industry. At least it used to be big business.

  60. I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer my condolences to our German friends, who may have been affected by this recent terrorist attack. This act of cowardice towards the same people, that have taken in strangers displaced by war; does not strike fear, but rather strengthens our resolve to purge the world of such idiots. Yes, people are compassionate; but do not confuse our generousity for weakness.

  61. Great choice of tunes! It’s the reason punk music is appealing to me; the lyrics speak to larger issues, and voice the cynicism created by the short comings of our hopes and asperations for ourselves and the world.

  62. Well, the terrorist with road rage tendencies took off headed for vacation in Italy, like Toonces the driving cat; but met with lead poisoning by Mr. Hand! Oh No!!! Mr. Bill…..Arrrgh…Party On!

    • Party on, Gunner. Might you be guarded by the mind opening hidden messages in some of the punk songs. And in Italy you only need the words:Tutti pazzi.

  63. Ahh…so you have the holiday blues perhaps? No worries, the Punksender mystery box will help correct your mode of mental malfunction! Now lets review the facts: December 19, 2016 at roughly mid-day I personally mailed the previously mentioned Punksender mystery box. This would have been expedited, but…being so close to the holidays, sometimes alcohol can compromise our best intentions. The Postal service usually encourages patrons to mail parcels which are intended to arrive before Christmas, perhaps 15 days prior. In our particular situation, we are lucky such a fine Punksender mystery box can get sent out at all

    • we do feel lucky, we always do. At least we are born in the first world, so it was a good start from the beginning. So the mystery box will correct our mental malfunction? WOW! What is inside? A home -Lobotomy- kit? Really curious now.

  64. Perhaps the Punksender mystery box will arrive tomarrow or the next day. See the countless hours of fun the Punksender mystery box has already provided you? You are already having fun, and don’t realize it!

  65. As you suggested in your Dec. 24, posting I’ve been paying closer attention; to the subtle messages you spoke of. Who knew Slapshot’s „kill it with fire“ is a love song?

    • if you really wanna know what this song is about, you have to ask the singer himself . Maybe while they are on tour? Go to gigs, support your local punkscene and bands while touring. ohhh, and read a book and use condoms.

    • No, you dont worry anymore. You earned some Karma-points for sending awesome packages around the world. We are deeply impressed about the U.S. Postage costs. we never considered german postage costs as cheap, but now we do know it better. And you, Gunner: Keep up the faith! You probaply did already know that Punksender gave its peace unto you.Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. – Jn 14:27

  66. Good advice about supporting your local music scene wherever you are. Without community support, music artists are forced to move to other areas. I also advocate literacy, because your graffiti should be grammatically correct. Why there needs to be condom usage while reading, sounds rather personal; but rumour has it that certain activities can lead to macular degeneration.

  67. Uhh…I think a frontal lobotomy could be crudely performed if you wanted to go that route. The contents of the Punksender mystery box are of such nature that multiple uses are possible. But the contents could barely be considered parish able, so no refrigeration is required.

  68. I didn’t find your conjecture about the postman perhaps helping himself/herself to your Punksender Mystery box impossible, but implausable. By it’s very nature the Punksender Mystery box may be somewhat intimidating to some. The act of theft would be entirely brazen.

    • Hello Gunner. You were right, the post man was not bold enough to steal the punksender mistery box. Finally we recieved it. Awesome package! We had some problems to open it, cause it was sealed like fort knox but then we were astonished about the marvellous content. First off we must say, it smelled suprisingly good, than our fingers got burned as we touched the words of god. No doubts, this is a package from the US. Who else is sending away bibles? Thanks for the promised electrical tape, we always are in need for that. We confirm that you must be an open minded traveller of the world, curious we followed your paths from concert to movie theater to casinos and then to different and far away countrys. Seems that you won in the casino. We also realised that you were not alone in the movies, obviously you had your girlfriend with you.Thanks for the camera. it still has some photos you must have made from your girl. Nice one, congrats. Thanks for the sweets, the booze and the hundred other small things we are not allowed to mention here. Most strange thing is, that the fortune cookie you have send told me that „we will be travelling to distant lands for business puposes.“ We are doing no business here. My buddy is now dreaming of your invitation to the US. Well to be honest, he is dreaming of selling that tickets away, because he is afraid of flying. He never would go on a plane. Must be something radiate out of this plastic bottle that infects his thoughts. No, really…never saw whiskey in a plastic battle before.
      So all we really wanna say is: THANK YOU, GUNNER! Quite simple, but sometimes we need our time. Mosh on, dude. And someday you will be rewarded, just wait and see. Punksender does care about you.

  69. Glad the fortune cookie worked out in your favor; you never know how these things are going to go. I’m pleased you found the contents to your liking, and if it lifted the spirits of the Punksender Mission Control Center; I consider it a success. It was a pleasure and honor to reciprocate. My reward is the free 24/7 non-stop, unrelenting force of Punkrock music from around the world which the Punksender crew provides. While their are apparently many apps out there that include Punksender, it is the Punksender app that is the real deal! Keep up the awesome fucking job guys! Oi!

    • Ha ha, now you sound a little like my ex-girlfriend with „Keep up the awesome fucking“.
      We wish you and all other readers of this comment section a happy and succesfull 2017!

  70. Yes, the plastic bottles for booze, is an otherwise unwelcome transition from the traditional glass. There doesn’t seem to be any appreciable difference in taste, but the significant difference is weight. As you rightly observed, the U.S. postal service rips our heads off with ever increasing postal costs.

  71. Kind of…they are always over budget despite continual hikes in postage costs. They are highly unionized. I’m not against unions in general; they do provide worker’s rights, protections and benefits, and they lobby for higher wages etc. The big problem is that Federal workers are afforded such protections; that you can’t get rid of them even if are worthless pieces of shit. We also have a Congress and Senate, that constantly disappoint their constituents. This is reflected in low approval ratings. Then the Congress and Senate give themselves another pay raise. The Postal Service has never turned a profit, the Congress and Senate give away the tax payer’s money to countries that hate us. I couldn’t tell you the last time people in the United States had a raise in the minimum wage. When the little people of the world are constantly getting squeezed from all sides financially; well it sure feels like organized crime!

  72. I suggest that when taking international flights, you get an aisle seat; so you can get two flight attendents serving you drinks at once. Order your drinks as doubles…You’ll be landing before you know it, feeling relaxed and refreshed. Maybe your flight attendent is so impressed with your punk travelling saavy that she invites you to join the mile high club. Don’t fear flying, fear gravity; gravity kills.

    • Oh, that will not be the first time that the male flight attendent is deeply impressed and invites us to join the mile high club. Until now we always said: We do feel honored, maybe that we are a little curious, but … no thank you! Does that show that we are lose minded?
      We fear gravity, we fear flying, we fear other people, we fear the dark, we fear fear itself.

  73. I’m not certain how many affiliates that Punksender has. I listened to the Maximum Rock & Roll program earlier, which was quite nice. It’s cool hearing how the ladies conduct interviews with bands; and their choices for the turn-table. The hosts did a good job with ‚Not Shit‘ today; and it sounds like fun was had by all. I mentioned before how many apps also include Punksender; hopefully there is some revenue forthcoming from such partnerships. I’m not an industry insider, so how Punksender is profitable is strange to me. I don’t see any advertisement, and the anti-commercialisation punk ethics; aren’t helpful for raising cash. Ultimately isn’t that why we don’t have more new punk today? My confusion arises here. I ask myself the same questions I posed before; Is it a sellout to desire a punksender shirt so I can share my interests with others? If you sell things on your site by clicking on a Punksender store banner; why is that so heritical? It isn’t even advertisement; but it does allow supporters to feel like part of the team, and allows another method of listener support.

    • Dear Gunner, the project Punksender means PUNKRADIO for free. it is NOT profitable at all. And it will never be. Punksender is not about profit. It is about music, art, creativity, bringing people together and yes… even peace.
      Donations to us are tax deductable. THAT is how it works. At least in germany and probaply in the whole EU.You dont have to feed the congress, the big money monster, you can instead donate to Punksender- Punk rock radio. Every donation means that we are able to play more songs, more Punkrock, more Trash, more Hardcore, more Skate Punk, more PUNK.
      We dont intend to build up something like „Punksender-store.“ No sell out, no money grabbing assholes, just fun. Therefore it is indeed heretical.
      But dont you worry, as we told you before: Punksender will take care of/ about you. Just wait and see.

      • Thanks for the clarification. You see we also have non-profit television and radio here in the States; also known as PBS or Public Broadcasting System. These function as 501 3c charities. I was beginning to wonder if Germany had something similar; thank you for explaining that.

  74. Well, I can see how the next few days are lining up here; if this lingering headache is any indication of things to come, I better wish the Punksender a Happy New Year now. And in Punk Rocker fashion 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac! Crow loudly Punksender!!! Time to party; this is life not some damned dressed rehearsal! Oi!!!!

  75. Ahh yes, my little chickie situation. Well, she is currently sick. And due to it being New Years she was rather busy. But, despite being sick; she ran up and gave me a big hug, and told me she missed me. So things are okay, we’ll see what happens.

    • Dear Gunner, dont wanna upset you, but nothing will happen, if you are not pushing things right now. Next time you see her, YOU have to hug her, give her a kiss on her cheek, tell her that she looks gorgeous and then let her go again, but keep on talking to her. Dont just sit around and wait for something to happen.

    • The newest results coming out fom our punksender punk labarotories show that this will not help us. You see we do live in the gutter and are already resistant against nearly everything. Still we dont want your DNA all over our mistery package. It is more a question of style, you know. ;-)

  76. I think I’m beginning to get that spiritual insight you were talking about. It’s that delicate balance between the lyrics and covers, and sifting through the extraneous bullshit of life.

  77. I was kind of hoping chickie would plant a kiss on me for New Years, it would have been preferable to me initiating a kiss.I think it would have shown some intent on her part.

    • Dear Gunner, sure you are right. But she is probaply talking to her girls something like: „I was kind of hoping Gunner would plant a kiss on me for New Years, it would have been preferable to me initiating a kiss. I think it would have shown some intent on his part.“ Got that point? Stop dreaming and go full in. Just think of an old Hardcore punk song, so fast, that you have to slam to it. Exactly this is the right inspiration to go next time to her.

  78. No, not the inbox; typically I just read the Spam. See, in that world; I just won a billion dollars and grew a crank the size of King Kong. I am also due to recieve crap tons of money from the nation of Congo. Lol…

    • Dear gunner, you know that we show the name of the artist and a link to his homepage while playing the song? all you have to do is watch and click.
      But ok, i will use my last braincell and i guess you mean the german punk band Gleichlaufschwankung Gleichlaufschwankung

  79. I’m glad you good Punksender folks warned me in your Dec. 24 comment about some of the possible lyric content. Great stuff though, it’s great that you have such a wonderful outlet for all this repressed anger.

  80. I remember how introverted you were before the lobotomy, not answering listener comments..see; isn’t it all better now? Don’t skip your meds, I predict good things for you.

    • Ah well, the listener comments. As you will see, we still delete some comments witout any responding. We are just a bunch of lame punkrockers. Total busy running this awesome Punk radio, you know. ;-) Maybe we had a good phase, but now the whiskey is empty and we are going back to old habits, you know.

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